Monday, 27 April 2015

Bluebells mini sessions 2015

Ok, it's official, I will run the bluebells mini sessions on the 2nd of May 2015, Saturday...

A mini session lasts around 30 minutes and works best for families with up to 2 children. 
It’s a good chance to try what is this on location lifestyle photography all about, to update your family photographs.

Mini session is £200 per family, it includes:

-      30 mins mini session in a gorgeous bluebells woods (Bradley Stoke);

-      the results of your session in secure online gallery with 10-15 fully images to choose from;

-      3 of the images that you choose printed up to size 6x9” and 3 digital images in high resolution (which alone makes it an extremely good deal as my usual price for 1 high resolution image is £50).

In order to book, or if you have any questions, either e-mail me directly or use “contact me” form on my website

Friday, 10 April 2015

Spring is here!

How lucky are we to have this most amazing weather! It feels more like summer and I can't believe we had to wear jackets last week... We had a beautiful day at Westonbirt Arboretum, enjoying all the blossoms. Spring doesn't last long and we are soaking in, every bit of sun. I will definitely blog my favourites from it, but here is one, blending in with the blossoms, the sun, the leaves:

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Family of three

It was a lovely warm autumn morning, we ended up not being at the location we have previously planned, attracted by the lovely alley at Clifton. A morning of throwing leaves, exploring and making dinosaur noises :) Here are some of my favourites from the session, although there are so much more that I love!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

When is the best time to have family photoshoot?

Being a lifestyle photographer and shooting so much outside over the last 6 years, I have learned a lot of very useful information about flowers :) It's helpful to know it if you are considering booking a spring or summer family session and just not sure when is the best time. This information applies for a spring/summer family photo session around Bristol area because the timings are slightly different in other regions. Most of the flowers only last a couple of weeks, so you need to be quick!
1. Snowdrops. Middle of February - end of February- absolutely beautiful and gentle. It's still not too warm.

2. Daffodils. Middle of March - middle of April - bright and happy. Luckily it's a lot warmer by then, so a good chance for no jackets!

3. The most anticipated, arrive together with warmer weather - Bluebells! They don't last long, so be quick. I live to try to schedule mini session to give more people a chance to participate. Usually the second half of April.

Here you can see more bluebells images -

4. Pretty much at the same time as the bluebells, a lot of trees are blossoming, they make a stunning backdrop.

4. Buttercups - oh, those are so lovely and bright!!!  And I happen to know a lovely place that looks like a sea of buttercups! Middle of May till end of May.

More images with buttercups -

5. Dandelions  - there are a lot at the end of April - beginning of May. Or the second half of May for the some fun with dandelion clock!

6. Daisies
The giant type :) The end of May - beginning of June.

I know it doesn't cover all the flowers, these are just the ones I have used as a backdrop. Please feel free to contact me on if you have any questions and don't forget to book your own spring session soon!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Winter Wonderland

So, it looks like it's the 2nd year without snow... Enough for children to forget what snow looks like! Thankfully there was a few minutes of snow, sadly it that hasn't been enough to set. However, there was one beautiful frosty morning. Looked almost as good as snow!



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