Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bluebells mini session.

Last spring I was so busy that I haven't had a chance to have bluebells mini sessions, so this year I have decided to make sure I don't miss them. I love the results from the mini sessions I have run 2 years ago and really missed having them last year.

So this year bluebell mini-sessions will be on the 26th of April, I will have 4 time slots - 9 am, 9.45 am, 10 am, 10.45 am.

A mini session lasts around 25-30 minutes and works best for families with up to 2 children. If you  have more than 2 children or if you have a baby who can't sit up yet I would recommend booking full session that lasts up to 2 hours. 
It’s a good chance to try what is this on location lifestyle photography all about, to update your family photographs (or just your children’s for the parents who don’t want to be photographed).

Mini session is £170 per family, it includes:

-      30 mins mini session in a gorgeous bluebells location (Bradley Stoke);

-      the results of your session in secure online gallery with 10-15 fully images to choose from;

-      3 of the images that you choose printed up to size 6x9” and the same images on CD in high resolution (which alone makes it an extremely good deal as my usual price for 1 high resolution image is £50).

In order to book, or if you have any questions, either e-mail me directly or use “contact me” form on my website
Here are a couple of links of what you can expect at the end: mini session and mini session2 and more bluebells

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


There has been quite a few misty mornings recently. Usually it would be considered not very favourable for a photography session, but I felt very inspired one of those mornings. I was very lucky to have an extremely willing model who was eager to play role of a Snow White lost in the woods!
I love how childhood is a magical world where children can be anyone they want to. In our house we are all given princess identities (! :)!) depending on the colour of the eyes, hair colour and the mood on a particular day! I generally get assigned Rapunzel because I have green eyes!
Here are some images from our Snow White in the misty wood adventures:

If you have a little princess who loves to dress up, contact me on to arrange a photography session!

And here is a perfect song for the fairy tale setting!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Muddy puddles adventures!

I have recently realised that I always share images of perfectly dressed clean children. Which is of course understandable since these are the images that are framed and are put on display. However, most of childhood adventures happen in a lot of mud! In fact, waterproofs are essential if we want to have fun instead of worrying about spoiling things and getting wet and dirty!
I mean images like this:

Not exactly to be framed for the wall but I wouldn't want not to have those. This is a big part of childhood, at least for my girls. Would be very interesting to know what other parents think about it and how would they use the photographs.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January reflections

January is an ideal month for me to sort out all the paperwork that has build up during the busy months and the perfect time to update galleries on my website! So, if you have a chance, please head over to and check out the updated galleries. It's also a month when I manage to catch up a little bit on editing of my personal shots!
Here are a couple of my favourites I took while we were Gromit-hunting. We have discovered a lot of lovely places in Bristol where we didn't usually go. Bristol harbour side was one of the favourites, with the lovely bright houses painted in different colours at the background! Perfect backdrop for a family session!

Monday, 16 December 2013

One cold and frosty morning...

When I first photographed this little princess, she was only 2 months old -click here to see my favourites from that session. When we met for the second time, she has grown so much and It just had to be extremely cold that morning, and she braved out the cold and was having a great adventure. She saw a castle, a cave, saw a dog and played in the leaves. She was full of smiles and had a great time, until she was tired, cold and hungry! Just like it happens to babies. Here are some of my favourites from that session - all smiles and excitement!

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