Friday, 7 August 2015

Camping fun.

I have promised on my FB page ( to share more images from our camping trip. This summer for the first time I was brave enough to take my girls camping. It went a lot better than I expected and we really had the best time. It was a beautiful place in Wales, close to a few beaches. Sun didn't always shine and I'm pleased to report that our tent turned out to be rain proof.
Getting ready to put the tent up:

And our adventures on different beaches! Exploring the caves:
Different kinds of bodyboarding - some are more scared of the waves than others!

And this is the final one - I just had to pull over and take this one:
All of those are hardly even a tenth part of all my other favourites, it's hard to resist overshooting when it's so beautiful in every direction you turn. If you have a special day trip in mind you would like to have documented, do get in touch with me!

© Tamara Tovey Photography