Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Announcing bluebells mini sessions!

As a photographer, I constantly check weather forecasts, look at the sky to see sun position and cloud movement and am very aware of what flowers are blossoming at the moment. Beautiful daffodils are everywhere at the moment, just seeing them brightens up my day, but what I’m really looking forward to is the bluebells!

So what we have – a very limited time I have for sessions due to my wonderful little children who need my attention and a short time of bluebells blossoming. So ... a perfect time I had some mini sessions!

 Here is the deal. We go to a very magical spot at Bradley Stoke area which I have discovered 3 years ago and love shooting at. Mini- sessions are only 30 minutes and run in one location, you will have around 10-15 images in your online gallery to choose from. As opposed to my usual sessions are around 2 hours and we change a few locations (within walking distance), and normally around 30-40 images in your online gallery.

It’s a good chance to try what is this on location lifestyle photography all about, to update your family photographs (or just your children’s for the parents who don’t want to be photographed).

Bluebells Mini sessions

When – 21st of April

30 minutes long

Only 4 time slots available: 9.30, 10.15 (now booked), 11.00, 11.45 am

£150 per family for which you will have:
-      Email/phone call consultation with me, where I find out things I need to know about your family before I photograph you all and where I give you tips on how to prepare for the session to get the best out of it, including what to wear;

-      30 mins mini session in a gorgeous bluebells location;

-      the results of your session in secure online gallery with 10-15 fully images to choose from;

-      3 of the images that you choose printed up to size 6x9” and the same images on CD in high resolution (which alone makes it an extremely good deal as my usual price for 1 high resolution image is £50).

In order to book, or if you have any questions, either e-mail me directly or use “contact me” form on my website

50% deposit will be required to secure your time slot. In case it rains, you will have a choice of either rescheduling or having a refund. But fingers crossed, it will be nice and warm!  And if it’s cloudy – it’s even better!
P.S. Here is a blog post with last year's bluebells photos in all their glory:

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