Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Baby girl.

Wow, it's been a very busy year so far! Even despite the weather... I have enjoyed meeting a lot of new lovely families and also I have spent too many in front ot the computer editing, ordering and replying all the enquieries I've been receiving. Which leaves me with not that much time for blogging if I want to get any sleep at all!
But it's about time I have shared session with this absolutely adorable little girl! She made my job so easy. Perfect age as she could already sit up but couldn't crawl away from me just yet. And oh she was so expressive and cute! And lets not forget about her mum and dad who are so obviously very much in love with her.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


It's been a few very busy weeks for me - lots of work despite the cold weather. This is from a session I'm editing right now. I like bright, vibrant and colourful, but nothing beats a nice and simple black and white image. A beautiful mum-to-be helps as well :)

© Tamara Tovey Photography