Tuesday, 31 March 2009

baby H preview :)

I was hoping to post here at least once a week but have been so busy... so many things to do!!! Trying to finish editing a couple of sessions and also sending orders to the lab, behind with a couple of posts on the blog and my website desparately needs to be improved. But, photography is only my part time job, my full time job is my daughter and my salary consists of hugs and very occasional kisses from her :)

But here is a couple of shots from photoshoot I had just over a week ago with baby H. He is 4 weeks old now and changed his sleeping habits just 3 days before the photoshoot. He was still nice to me and I have more than 2 favourites from the session and it's still a work in progress! Love photographing newborns even though it's very challenging! I love the first image - I always try to use what my clients have at home for the session and this couch and bookshelves looked great!

I will try to be back soon, have some images to share from another session!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Canvas sample

Well, I desperately needed a canvas sample. Of course it had to be one with our daughter so we can "store" it on our wall. It's 23x34", but I took this photo just so you can see how big and amazing is it :)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Baby M

Another baby from the photoshoot I had in London. Again, I was soooo lucky! Cute litlle girl with big blue eyes, wasn't running away from me, was smiling as soon as her mum would sing "If you happy and you know it" and would even not mind headbands :) What more could I ask for!

Some of my favourites:


There is a family photo like this one with everyone looking at me, but personally I love this one because of the interaction between the baby and her parents. A little warning - it all started with nose and mouth for my daughter as well but now she prefers to pull my eyelashed or to point at my eyes :)

Just have to share this one - such a happy little girl!

Just one more :) Again, just HAVE to share this one. Such a beautiful family:

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Here is another one!

Baby D - full of smiles, easy going and very noisy :) Love how babies talk! And every baby photographer dream - a baby that can sit up but is not crawling yet :) Some of my favourites:
(those cute "paws" :))


Monday, 2 March 2009

First preview

Yeah, it's been over a week now... With all the editing, my birthday last week and with Lucy keeping me more busy than ever I can hardly find time for anything else!
There is some sneak peeks from the session in London - beautiful and very very very active baby S :) She managed to learn how to climb up things during the photoshoot and now applies this new skill at home. A lot :) And all in 6,5 months!

Might be some more coming up very soon for another mum :)

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