Friday, 22 April 2011


Ok, prepare yourself for a very long post! I am always inspired by the nature, the seasons and beautiful things they bring. I then have lots of ideas I want to try, no, I just have to try! It's an urge to go and create something, visions of images I can't get out of my head. So I take my very patient models with me and go.
This time it were the bluebells. I missed all the blossom this year, but the bluebells are so pretty and I couldn't resist. Everything turned out a lot better than I could even plan. And that's the best thing about photographing children. My big little girl was so excited about going to see bluebells and as soon as we got there, she started making a bouquet. I was only happy as I always preffer to photograph children doing something they enjoy and not just to stand in front of the camera with a face smile.

Then, while holding the bouquet, she immediately said: "I'm a bride, me!". "Flowers, white dress, shoes". Didn't expect I would have this conversation at her 3 and a bit.

Then we had to think who would be her groom. Of course we found one among her friends.

You might ask where was the baby girl :) Most of the time in my other arm! But she got to enjoy some bluebells as well.
That's when my big little girl said: "Mama, I'm tired, let's go to the playground". And we did :)

© Tamara Tovey Photography