Friday, 28 September 2012

School runs!

That's what we have been up to mostly recently! Can't say that I love running back and forth to school and back! We are still getting used to our new routine, and I can't wait for the half term to come. I love seeing reception children  - so cute in their brand new uniforms and so excited to go to school and equally excited to come out. Seeing my daughter in school uniform is still magical and sad at the same time! And I get to hear the phonics songs -  about snake, and ants and noise airplanes though ones :)!
Please bear with me, I will be back to blogging very soon.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Book club: week 7

Strictly speaking, this is not a new book, because it's a part of the set I wrote about a few weeks ago, but it's the best book children's about birthdays!
Alfie and the Birthday Surprise by Shirley Hughes..

It's such a kind, lovely story, where Alphie's family helped to organise a surprise birthday party for their neighbour who was feeling a bit sad because he has lost his very good friend - an old cat and didn't want any birthday presents. I do love these books for exactly that - they help to teach kindness...
And the reason it needed to be about birthdays will be the subject of my next blog post!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Preview... family session

It's been a while since I have showed a little sneak peek on my blog instead of Facebook! But not everyone is on Facebook, so here is one! I have regretted promising one though, because I can never pick just a couple of my favourites, it's more like 20 favourites. These are from the family session at Blaise castle from last Saturday. I have enjoyed playing with two little brothers, even though I never stopped in those 2 hours. I think it's easier to say what we haven't done - we danced; balanced a little airplane on our heads; threw grass at each other (yes!); looked for some dinosaurs, but only saw a squirel; and because it's Bristol, it's totally normal to just see a bunch of hot air balloons passing by!
For the boys' family - a lot more to come in your private gallery! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

7 days new ...

I met this lovely little boy last Saturday. This is definitely one of my favourite photographs of a newborn baby that I took, so I thought I would share it with you...Peaceful, perfect, new...
I love working with children of all ages, but newborn babies have a very special part in my heart. There is this magic feeling about them. This feeling has started since my own little girls started to grow up. Before that I was just worried a baby will cry when I hold it and I was eager to pass the baby back to mum. I remember when my first daughter was born, my friends who had children all wanted a cuddle with her. I didn't understand why untill later, when she wasn't a newborn anymore and the fog of constant tiredness was gone. When she wasn't a newborn anymore, holding another newborn baby was bringing back so many emotions and memories.

It's such a short amount of time when they stay so small and seeing them grow, change, develop and learn new skills is very exciting. But with that there is another feeling of wishing the time didn't fly so fast, wishing you can freeze a moment and enjoy it a bit longer. And that's what photography gives me. I always think I will remember what they looked like at any given time, but I don't. Every time I look back at the photographs I took of them earlier, I'm surprised how much I don't remember, how much they have changed. I just wish there was also a way to capture and preserve how you feel when you hold your baby, the feeling of their soft skin when you kiss their cheek, the special smell you baby has. My girls love looking at their photographs, I was showing them some photos of them  and my almost 2 year old reached out to the screen like she wanted to pick up the baby (who was her big sister when she was a baby) and give her a cuddle. Wouldn't that be amazing if that was possible? But untill it happens, photography does it all for me. I can't feel their skin, the weights of the tiny body in my arms, can't sence their smell, but seeing the images of them being small triggers so many precious memories. And I hope it does the same for my clients.

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