Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Conkers and happiness

One of our favourite autumn activities (straight after the blackberry picking!) is looking for conkers. I don't know why kids are so fascinated by them. Well, they are smooth and shiny. There are a few chestnut trees around girl's school and almost every day before we go home after the school run, we would go and look for some. Because the trees are so close to the school, there are many other children looking for them, often helping the conkers to fall down by throwing sticks. We are lucky if we are able to find 4-5 each. Some days there are more and some days there are less but they do literally get picked up as soon as they fall. This fun lasts for a few weeks till all the conkers have fallen from the chestnut trees.

One day we were coming back from a park we don't go very often to and saw a big chestnut tree. The kids were so excited and we run to look for conkers. We didn't expect that the grass was pretty much covered with them, there must have been hundreds of them. Well, guess what happened - kids excitedly picked as many as they could, but it stopped being much fun very soon. So we just stopped. Although my girls did suggest we come back with some bags the next day!
So as it turned out - more doesn't make us happier.

© Tamara Tovey Photography