Tuesday, 10 March 2015

When is the best time to have family photoshoot?

Being a lifestyle photographer and shooting so much outside over the last 6 years, I have learned a lot of very useful information about flowers :) It's helpful to know it if you are considering booking a spring or summer family session and just not sure when is the best time. This information applies for a spring/summer family photo session around Bristol area because the timings are slightly different in other regions. Most of the flowers only last a couple of weeks, so you need to be quick!
1. Snowdrops. Middle of February - end of February- absolutely beautiful and gentle. It's still not too warm.

2. Daffodils. Middle of March - middle of April - bright and happy. Luckily it's a lot warmer by then, so a good chance for no jackets!

3. The most anticipated, arrive together with warmer weather - Bluebells! They don't last long, so be quick. I live to try to schedule mini session to give more people a chance to participate. Usually the second half of April.

Here you can see more bluebells images -

4. Pretty much at the same time as the bluebells, a lot of trees are blossoming, they make a stunning backdrop.

4. Buttercups - oh, those are so lovely and bright!!!  And I happen to know a lovely place that looks like a sea of buttercups! Middle of May till end of May.

More images with buttercups -

5. Dandelions  - there are a lot at the end of April - beginning of May. Or the second half of May for the some fun with dandelion clock!

6. Daisies
The giant type :) The end of May - beginning of June.

I know it doesn't cover all the flowers, these are just the ones I have used as a backdrop. Please feel free to contact me on Tamara@tphotography.co.uk if you have any questions and don't forget to book your own spring session soon!

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