Thursday, 15 August 2013

One perfect day.

Some days are just so perfect... I try not to get the camera on the way of us having fun. But I'm so glad I took these. We had a couple of days to go away so I didn't want to go too far so I have asked a friend about some nice beaches in South Wales and was recommended Southerndown. I'm so glad we have discovered it.

 The beach was beautiful, with plenty of rock pools, impressive rock formations and shells to find, and there also was a great bonus - Dunraven garden on the top of the hill. Young children are not often impressed by views, I know that my girls would rather be playing at a playground, but they were completely mesmerised by the garden. And although it has some nice flowers, we definitely have been in more impressively maintained gardens, but there is something magical about that place. A magical tower, magical walls, magical light and yes, magical flowers...

If anyone is looking for a beach to go to in South Wales I can thoroughly recommend Southerndown.

© Tamara Tovey Photography