Thursday, 24 September 2009

More backlog from August!

Ok, here is another session which was a part of mini sessions I've done in the beginning of August. Really enjoyed working with that family. Plus the little girl was so nice to me and didn't crawl away from me too fast! Not to mention the gorgeous blue eyes. Here you go:

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Summer is over...

I think we can say the summer is over, it's the middle of September and I see more and more fallen leaves every day.. I hope all of you had a nice summer! I had a great summer, full of events, travelling, seeing old and new friends and lots of work! I have to admit, I'm glad to slow down a bit and do some personal projects... Like my daughter's First Year book! She has been 1 for 7 months and I haven't even started on the book. And it's just one of the projects I have lined up - my website has been neglected for a long time now, I need to order some more samples, the list is endless!
And I do love autumn though, love the fallen and colourful leaves, can't wait to see more of those! But is this post I wanted to share some of my favourites from this summer that I haven't had a chance to share with you yet!
June in St Petersburg

June in Bradley Stoke

August, in Porthcawl, Wales

Bristol Balloon Festival, next to Clifton Bridge
August, Three Brooks Nature reserve

September, Clifton Downs

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Birthday fun!

This post is very much overdue! This summer has been so busy for me - lots of work and lots of travelling! I can't complain though, it's all good, just not much time for anything.
This birthday was a bit different from how I normally do them. I took some photos while everyone was just having a good time and then I took every family one by one into the gorgeous garden that was there and had a very little family shot. That was interesting seeing lots of time is normally needed with 1 year olds but it worked out quite well. I really enjoy seeing all the different personalities, it's just amazing how all the babies are so different and it was fun to see so many of them in 1 day. But here are some images, enjoy!
Special thanks to those parents who allowed me to use the photos on my blog!



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