Thursday, 21 July 2011


I get to talk about princesses every day. That's what having a 3 year old daughter does to you! But I don't complain. Even though she likes to tell me every day that her hair  is the same colour as Cinderella's, it's not all that shallow. See, Cinderella makes her bed and also washes floor. Snowhite is so kind that she would never have a problem with sharing toys. And if we want hair as long as Rapunzel, it needs to be brushed every day.
I've wanted to go out and have a session in the woods since my daughter received Snowhite dress for her birthday. I could just see my little princess walking between the trees. So when her friend received her princess dress for her birthday she joined us. That's exactly what I had in mind:
Our little princesses had such a great time and we just couldn't stop saying "Awww" and "How cute"!
Waiting for her prince!
And the running down the stairs, like Cinderella, or course, but no shoes were lost in this photosession!

If you are interested to have a similar dress up session for your little princess, please feel free to drop me a line

© Tamara Tovey Photography