Friday, 17 July 2009

For Cinnamon!

It was raining yesterday, but thankfully it didn't stop our newborn session from happening, thanks to big glass doors!
Here is a little sneak peak of a little cutie pie! Baby C., she is just 9 days old now and is absolutely perfect. She was very nice to me and even gave me a smile. I just love photographing newborns even though it takes a lot of time. Every newborn is a little miracle and there is something so pure about them. And they don't stay that way long so it's a great priveledge to be able to capture them in this special time of their lives.

Just love this one - the hand wasn't planned in the photos, but it shows just how small she is :) I do have one without the hand as well, just in case :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I'm back! Again...

I neglected the blog again but I do have an excuse - we were away for a week, yes, again... Here is the story...

My mum and my brother were planning on visiting us for 3 weeks, we were hoping they would come over on the 1st of July. We planned what we would show them and Alex even had a week off so we can take them to Cornwall to have a nice week at the seaside. It would have been the first time for my mum to finally see Lucy in person (yeah, Lucy is 17 months now).

And then they were refused a visa to come to UK... We found out on the 30st of June. So I spent a couple of days trying to find information how they can appeal. They don't speak English, so I had to have a look at the refusal letter to understand why and how they can appeal. They decided not to appeal because by the time decision might be changed their holiday will be over.

Anyways, remembering that my mum still hasn't met Lucy, I thought that maybe we should all go to a country where none of us needs a visa. There are a few, we decided on Tunisia. But the hardest part was finding a hotel that they can book from Russia and we can book from here. Well, there wasn't one. So we booked hotels not far from each other. I was completely exhausted trying to organize everything and Lucy was wanting my full attention back. Oh and to just make it all more exciting, it was the week Lucy had chicken pox I mentioned in my last post, so she was bored out of her mind already and here I was constantly on a phone trying to organize things.

We booked our holiday on Friday and flew out early Sunday morning. I had 1 hour sleep, because I had to finish all the orders before I disapper for a week again. My mum and my brother arrived on Tuesday. It turned out the hotels were still far enough so we had to take a taxi every single time. Also, both of our hotels were "all inclusive", so they didn't let anyone in and we were meeting somewhere else apart from one time they came to us by beach. So it was not convenient to say the least...

We did have a great time though. It was hot all the time, even at night. We spent most of the time in the swimming pool and on the beach, but did go to see a few things as well. It's a beautiful country, absolutely stunning architecture - lots of archways, mosaics and colours. But I have to admit I did once more realise how much I love British countryside as we were driving back home from the Bristol airport.

One thing I absolutely hated is because you are a "rich tourist" everyone is trying to rip you off! And it's not just in the markets where they literally try to put scarves and things on you. Or when they try to take trolley with suitcases off you. Funny how taxi to our hotel always cost 3-4 dinars less for my mum and brother than it was for us to theirs.
So that's how we ended up in Tunisia instead of Cornwall.. And here are some holiday snapshots:
(You can view BIGGER, just click on them)

Lucy is reading a newspaper, it's French, by the way :)

Enjoying being a center of attention!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

My sunshine on a cloudy day

Originally uploaded by (: Tamara :)

What do you do the first day when you find out that you baby has chichen pox? I don't know what normal people do, but as a photographer and a MWAC (mum with a camera for those who don't know what MWAC is :)) I put a nice dress on her and we went to a park area with long grass and no other kids she can give it to. I just wanted to photograph her in case I will do be able to do it for a while if she is not well and has a lot of spots. We were lucky - it was just before a thunderstorm so we had nice dark clouds and everything looked magical.
The chicken pos was very very mild for Lucy, I even started to doubt if that was it. The most annoying thing was having to stay away from other people. Lucy is a very people person so she was very bored at home with me this week. It was a very hard week, but not because of Lucy's chicken pox.....


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