Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hama coasters.

Every year in July and also in December we struggled with ideas for gifts for teachers. Something that is more original than a box of chocolates, ideally made by a child and, of course, useful! And then we came across the idea of making coasters from Hama beads... Wow, that has opened up a lot of new projects! And lovely handmade gifts for all occasions. Everyone needs a coaster and if a teacher doesn't want to take it home, it can be used at work! Win-win!

Of course we started with Pinterest, I made a board, you are welcome to have a look  - http://uk.pinterest.com/tamaratovey/hama/

A lovely fruit set, very easy to make and looks very stylish! (image from Pinterest)
Another round coaster, looks amazing, we have already made this one a few times (image from Pinterest):

Another fun and easy idea for those who love Minions (image from Pinterest):
This one looks fantastic once completed and my 6 year old easily made it easily (image from Pinterest):
Busy at work:

We wrap them so quickly, but I have managed to take a photo of this one as well:
Hope you found this helpful, I can tell you that once you start you can't stop!

Spring Blaise Castle Adventure

Blaise Castle ground is one of my favourite places both to photograph and just to spend time with my children. I have photographed there numerous times but there are so many places to explore and such a variety of backgrounds that it's never the same.
It was one of those days when it looks a lot warmer than it is due to wind. Se we were trying to keep the girls warm while having fun.
The family wanted to have a change of clothes into tradition Indian outfits - I was very excited about it! We went back to their house so they can change and carried on with the session at their back garden. As much as I love Blaise castle, I loved this part of the session even more.
Since I have taken such a long time to blog the images, I have already had a chance to see the printed images. The prints are so beautiful, I hope I will be able to see the framed images arrangement we have designed on their wall. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

July availability.

The summer has been great so far, so many beautiful hot days! Here is update to my availability for July -
10th of July - evening
11the of July - afternoon/evening

And here is something exciting - for one week of July: from Friday the 18th July afternoon/evening till Friday the 24th of July all the sessions will be just £20 instead of £100. Sessions outside of Bristol are welcome, just check if the travel fees apply if it's too far! Contact me via e-mail to request the price list and book your session - Tamara@tphotography.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to plan the perfect photo session for you!

Summer is here!!!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Wild flowers and butterflies

There is a hill not far away from where I live, it looks stunning at any season of the year, and in the summer there are a lot of wild flowers, starting with buttercups, then clover and daisies arrive. We go there frequently and we have finally managed to get there in pretty dresses. We missed the golden sea of buttercups, but there was plenty of clover "snow".

There are lots of butterflies there. I would like to know what are they, there are so many of them! They were quite happy to be transferred into flowers and then they would just flow off.
The hill is covered with clover right now, looks like it has been snowing!

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