Tuesday, 31 March 2009

baby H preview :)

I was hoping to post here at least once a week but have been so busy... so many things to do!!! Trying to finish editing a couple of sessions and also sending orders to the lab, behind with a couple of posts on the blog and my website desparately needs to be improved. But, photography is only my part time job, my full time job is my daughter and my salary consists of hugs and very occasional kisses from her :)

But here is a couple of shots from photoshoot I had just over a week ago with baby H. He is 4 weeks old now and changed his sleeping habits just 3 days before the photoshoot. He was still nice to me and I have more than 2 favourites from the session and it's still a work in progress! Love photographing newborns even though it's very challenging! I love the first image - I always try to use what my clients have at home for the session and this couch and bookshelves looked great!

I will try to be back soon, have some images to share from another session!


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