Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Although St Petersburg is an incredibly beautiful city, we didn't go there for sightseeing. I haven't seen my friends for 3 years and with my friends getting married it was the right time to go. When Alex came over to St Petersburg twice I made sure I took him pretty much to every museum, palace and park so he didn't miss out. But when out friends kindly offered to take us with them to a place neither I, nor Alex have been before, we were very excited to go. The town is called Kronshtadt, which is on an island! I was all excited to take some shots of this place but as soon as we arrived there it started raining! We still went to have a look at some military ships and submarins on the pier, but rain was getting worse.

So we got back into car and drove around the island for a bit, there was a fantastic cathedral, very beautiful and very big for this small island (Morskoy Sobor). Anyways, we thought, forget the rain, we can go and have a look inside. Well, it was closed....

So we just stood in it's porch for a bit and I took some shots, the light was just beautiful! I like shooting when it's raining, just don't get a chance to do it very often.



© Tamara Tovey Photography