Friday, 30 October 2009

Have you ever...

.... made somebody's day just by being you?
Ok, I have a lot more sessions I can share, but honestly I just have no time... But I have to share this one session. I really enjoy what I do, otherwise I wouldn't stay up late at night editing and improving my skills. One of the reasons I enjoy this job so much is because I get to meet some amazing people I would never have met otherwise. I'm sharing just a little part of this session, there also were the grandparents and the sister's family. I felt extreemely welcomed by everyone and amazed how friendly and nice all of them - to me and to each other. It was a priveledge to capture a part of a day in their lives and the strong bonds that tie them all together.  I felt very uplifted and with the desire to become better. So, thank you!

Little guy was not impressed :)


© Tamara Tovey Photography