Sunday, 18 April 2010

A little preview

I had a great day today - had a session with a very nice family and had fantastic time playing with my own family after it!
If you are up for a challenge - go and try to photograph a one year old :) They already walk so they can run away from you and too young to bribe :) But they are so much fun. The only way to work with them is to play with them their games. Little guy from today's session greeted me with a biggest smile, showing off all 4 of his teeth. He introduced a couple of games and gave me 2 seconds to get every shot I was trying to get. Very generous of him! :) Seriously, I just love my job. Kids bring so much joy, you can't watch them without a smile on your face.
Here is a little sneak peak :)

There is plenty more to come when the gallery is ready!

And the next post should be up pretty soon and it will be about ... shoes!!!


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