Friday, 7 May 2010


I have disappeared for a while again. I was trying to finish off all the editing from the latest sessions, and working on updating the website. Hopefully it will all be ready by the end of May!
As soon as it got warm, I hardly parted with my camera and as a result I have mountains of photos to go through. Plus we had our semi annual outing to the Westonbirt Arboretum which didn't help! It's this major even that I look forward to every autumn and spring and take a lot of photos. I always look around and note what trees are blossoming and which ones are about to blossom. I managed to go through some of the shots and wanted to share them with you!
I will start with the one that was harder one to get (although to be honest, my two year old is not the most cooperative model in the world, that's for sure, so all of the shots were hard to get!). But a family self portrait with a camera of a tripod and a timer - that's a challenge!
I have to explain the next two shots... Lucy decided she only wanted to sit in the pram or lay on the grass on her blanket so my fantastic husband came up with this game - they were looking for bunnies and Lucy was collecting little things like flowers and pine cones in her basket to feed the bunny. She is calling the bunny:



© Tamara Tovey Photography