Monday, 31 January 2011

Activities for toddlers to do in Bristol: At Bristol

One of the things I want to start doing on my blog is sharing ideas on fun days out with your toddlers. We have a very busy schedule as I am a crazy mum who is obsessed with quality time for my kids but we are missing playgrounds and the outside time because it's either raining or cold. So a couple of weeks ago we went to a toddler takeover At Bristol. It's been only half a year since I got my full driving licence so it took a lot of determination to actually brave out a trip to the city centre. I was holding on to my steering weel very tightly! You have no idea how proud I was that we made it on one piece! It was so worth it though. We had so much fun, that the kids didn't want to leave. I mean it was quite empty when we were leaving!
It really helped that they have big glass wall, so there was plenty of natural light. Even though it was raining!

I was very surprised to see that one of Lucy's favourite things to do was to built and launch little rockets! She kept coming back to them and so did her little friend.
Another favourite place was dinosaur pit where they could uncover "bones" if they wanted to. However, they mostly chose to use it as they would use sand.

And upstairs - having a lot of fun with Animate It, though I think we as parents enjoyed it even more!
Should I mention my special skill - shooting with a baby in a sling? Errm shooting with a camera that is, or course! My lovely friend held her for a bit when we were wanting the girls play - I suddenly realise how big she has grown already.

And then it was time to go home, to drive home I mean! We really enjoyed it and will come back again for the next toddler takeover, you can check the dates on At Bristol website.


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