Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Preview... family session

It's been a while since I have showed a little sneak peek on my blog instead of Facebook! But not everyone is on Facebook, so here is one! I have regretted promising one though, because I can never pick just a couple of my favourites, it's more like 20 favourites. These are from the family session at Blaise castle from last Saturday. I have enjoyed playing with two little brothers, even though I never stopped in those 2 hours. I think it's easier to say what we haven't done - we danced; balanced a little airplane on our heads; threw grass at each other (yes!); looked for some dinosaurs, but only saw a squirel; and because it's Bristol, it's totally normal to just see a bunch of hot air balloons passing by!
For the boys' family - a lot more to come in your private gallery! 


© Tamara Tovey Photography