Friday, 23 November 2012

Book club - "Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo!"

Ok, I won't even apologive for talking about Chritmas. I have been receiving an insane amount of enquiries in the last few days, rarely turn off my computer before 1 am, there are Christmas trees everywhere. And our library has so conveniently organised all the Christmas books for children that I thought I would start now to make sure I share all our favourites.

This is our last year's favourite! Whenever we read this book, we always laugh and smile and it makes us feel so happy, warm and kind - "Merry Chirstmas, Blue Kangaroo" (or "Just for you, Blue Kangaroo" in another edition) by Emma Chichester Clark (you might have noticed, I LOVE her books!).

So, first, there is a few days before Christmas - Lily makes her Christmas cards (and of course, one for her very special Blue Kangaroo), makes paper chains with her mum and decorates the room, of course, just for Blue Kangaroo. Then there is a Christmas tree that needs decorating, and of course, it's all just for the Blue Kangaroo, because it's his very first Christmas. And Lily wraps a present for her Blue Kangaroo - she made sure he is not looking first! Then there is a visit from the aunties, who come with mince pies and gingerbread men, with one that looks just like Blue Kangaroo and is for Blue Kangaroo. And when Lily sings a song on Christmas Eve, just for Blue Kangaroo, and by then little Blue Kangaroo is feeling very eager to give something to Lily for all those nice things she does for him, but he can't.

So, he can't sleep and is awake when Father Christmas comes. And the following conversation happens:
"What can I do for you, little Blue Kangaroo?" asked Father Christmas.
"Well, Lily says everything is just for me but I want something just for her, and I haven't got anything," said Blue Kangaroo sadly.
"Has she been good?" asked Father Christmas.
"Oh, yes!" said Blue Kangaroo.

So, Father Christmas lets him choose something for Lily and tells him that "Lily is a lucky girl to have such a good kangaroo as you!"
And our favourite moment is when Lily opens the gift in the morning, we all end up having a cuddle and can't help feeling happy!


© Tamara Tovey Photography