Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Snow in Bristol

Now that it's back to +10 and rain again, I have finally completed a blog post about snow.

I can't belive just a week ago I was taking the girls to school on a sledge and now it's more like spring! But I have a very special feelings for snow, so wanted to make a blog post about it...

Seeing snow makes me so happy, I can't even express it. I was squealing with exhitement together with my girls when we first saw snow from a window. And then at night I stopped everything I was doing and just stared out of the window for ten minutes, admiring how snow completely transfers everything, even the nighttime by making it brighter. I was rewarded for it too -  I saw a fox casually walking down the path. Speaking about the windows - checkin  if the snowman is still there in the morning :)
Snow brings back so many childhood memories. Like being pulled on a sledge to my kindergarten, walking behind my mum's back during a snowstorm, hiding from the wind blowing the snowflakes in my face, skying, having a lunch next to campfire after skying. As a child, I got to have snow from October untill it melted only in April-May, it came with the crazy temperatures that I can't comprehend right now, when I complain about it being cold at 0C...! When everything is covered in snow for at least 6 months each year, snow is quite a big part of my memories. Of course, nothing stopped because of the snow, we still had to go to school at -50C and I remember sitting my the radio listening to the weather forecast and hoping it's -51C :).
A lot easier to get a day off school here! I know the snow has caused a lot of chaos for some people, but there are some nice things about everything stopping because of snow. Extra day off! Extra day to spend time with your family. So many people were out, pulling their kids on the sledges, building snowman, having snowball fights, making snow angels, sledging. Everyone looked so happy. I loved seeing people smile as I passed by them pulling my girls on the sledge. I can only compare the amount of people having a great time with their children to what you can see at a seaside on a hot summer day.
Snow is very tiring, we needed an energy boost -food for the kids, food for the ducks:
Oh snow, we miss you :) Nothing left but the photographs now, even the snowman has melted away!


Iza said...

It's not those crazy temperatures you are talking about, but I'm still used to colder than here and I complain! We too made a couple of snowmen (and a snowdog) and snow angels. I don't miss it though. It's fun for a couple of days.

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