Thursday, 1 January 2015

Fresh start.

I quite like the 1st of January for many reasons... It's one day a year when you are totally justified in being lazy. You have probably stayed up at least until midnight a night before and the children might have had a bit of a later bed time so you are pretty much guaranteed a sleep in, a later start to the day, less energy to do anything big.
Another reason to be a bit relaxed - you do have all those other 364 days in the new year to accomplish all those amazing things you might have put on your New Year's resolutions.
We have started this year by putting away all the Christmas decorations, I think the whole month of having them taking up all the space has been long enough. We have taken the time for some fresh air and running around outside and even started a new project which I'm really excited about. We might actually start having more photos on our walls!


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