Monday, 7 March 2011

Birthday girl

I will do everything the wrong way and start catching up with blogging with a CAKE! Yes, I'm very shallow.
I really owe this post to a wonderful Michelle, who made a cake for Lucy's 3rd birthday. I shall not say anything about my last year's failed attempt in making a cake for Lucy's birthday. Let's just say that her last birthday cake had to be bought from a nearest supermarked a few minutes before the start of the party! So this year I thought that everyone should do what they do best and leave a cake baking to someone who does it well.
All my friends commented on how great the cake looked and tasted. I have not met Michelle yet, but when I read her blog I can see how much she puts in every one of her cakes. I can relate to this, because this is the way I feel about photography. It's so much more than just pressing a button. And a lot more work that you see in the finished product. I know it's a lot more for Michelle than just mixing the ingredients. She really is passionate about what she does. Her cakes look absolutely amazing. So if you want a cake with a soul, go to Michelle's blog and order a cake!
The cake really was a big hit.
I loved watching little ones expressions:
The anticipation:
And finally the enjoyment:


Rosalind said...

Gorgeous pictures Tamara. And what a lovely cake. I love the last shot in particular!

Yummy Mummy's Cakes said...

Tamara, the photos are wonderful, nothing quite like seeing it being demolished by all those little people x

Tamara Tovey said...

Thanks, Ros and Michelle :) I was amazed with what they were doing to the cake :) My personal favourite is the 3rd shot, Lucy's little friend was sat there for good 5 mins staring at the cake! :)

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