Friday, 25 March 2011

Mini session with a blue eyed baby.

Can I make a confession? I love to photograph babies with blue eyes. Both of my girls have lovely brown eyes, but they are so difficult to photograph! So when I get to photograph a baby with blue eyes I find it very easy. Mini session I had with baby R was really a treat for me. It's hard not to notice her very blue eyes.
She also has the longest eyelashes ever:
When we were arranging a session her mum said she really want to have it done before she has teeth. I completely understand the reasoning behind it - they grow up so quickly, teethless smile is one thing you really start missing once they have teeth!

She likes to eat herself, just like a baby her age should do, you can tell she quite enjoys it:
And she is such an angel :)


Easton Place Designs said...

Such lovely photos, Tamara! Really, so special.

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