Monday, 19 September 2011


I love love love photographing new babies! Very risky though as it's impossible to hold a newborn baby and not get broody. Newborn cuddles are just heavenly. Especially if you can just hand them back to their parents and don't have to deal with the luck of sleep and tiredness :)

I love watching parents with their first baby. It's such a special time in their life. I remember how hard it was for me. I was so sleep deprived, exhausted after a very long labour, with uncomfortable and painful stitches, not forgetting to mention the initial agony of breastfeeding! The hardest thing the realisation that now I am responsible for this little fragile baby and I just got myself a new job where I work 24 hours 7 days a week with not much sleep, no lunch breaks, very occasional time off, no holidays and no pay :)  And when we were driving home from the hospital, I kept wondering why on earth women put themselves through it again and again and again? I was so overwhealmed and kept thinking why none of my friends with kids told me that it would be so hard?
Of course after a few weeks I started to see why, but those first few weeks are so so hard. So hold on, Alex and Ruth, you will get most of your sleep back and it will get easier :) Thank you for inviting me to photograph your perfect beautiful girl. I hope you will be able to look back on those images and remember this special time in your lives.
Alannah is absolutely gorgeous and you would think she is tiny but you can belive that she was 9lb when her mummy holds her! Here are some of my favourites and really there are a lot more coming in the gallery for you to choose from:


And to keep up with the previous blog post,  I am posting some with apples :) 


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