Friday, 23 September 2011

The reason I love children!

Last week has been very busy! Now that Lucy is in preschool most of my days I feel like I'm running back and forth all day long! But I love how in the middle of this my children make me slow down and just enjoy live and laugh. We went to visit Lucy's friend and she wanted to take a magic wand we made. So I remembered we had those tutus I made ages ago but she didn't like wearing them. Of course the little one wanted to copy her big sister and I had a little tutu for her. All I had to do was to grab my camera :)
None of this was planned, totally spontaneous. It was such a miserable grey day and they completely changed the mood of it. For me, and for the strangers we met on our way. Hope this brightens up your day! Have a nice weekend!


© Tamara Tovey Photography