Friday, 1 June 2012

Our celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Every little girl of a certain age that I know dreams about being a princess. I have one of those, well, with her younger sister copies everything she does, makes them 2! She loves watching princess cartoons when her mean mum (me!) lets her once we are done with our endless activities, Mulan being current favourive for the last couple of months. She knows what colour hair and eyes every Disney princess has, and never misses an opportunity to show off her tiara, wear beads, bracelets and rings and of course sparkly shoes! So I knew my little creative session would be very welcome.
Seeing lot of bunting everywhere has created a lot of questions so I have tried my best to explain to my little princess what will be celebrated very soon and she is very excited about the coronation and the Queen.


Tinder said...

These are gorgeous Tamara xx

Tamara Tovey said...

Thank you!

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