Saturday, 12 May 2012

Family session, horses, caves and .. bluebells again!

Where do I even start!
I wanted to share some highlights from a session I had recently. The family wanted it to happen in one of their favourite places to spend time at. The mum has done an amazing job coorditating everyones outfits. We were super lucky to have sun, not rain, though it was still rather chilly! With all those things aligning perfectly I was able to focus on the beautiful family connections. But I feel I need to step away and let you enjoy the story.
The super sweet little brother who loves horses (from a distance!), loves picking flowers and enjoyes riding pretend "horses":


Now, let me introduce the big sister who enjoys running and does it very well, but would stop for a cuddle with a mum or dad:


Oksana said...

good job Tamara!! Very nice pictures as always! :)

Tamara Tovey said...

Thank you, Oksana!

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