Thursday, 25 October 2012

Book club: The Fantastic Mr Wani

I still have a long list of the book we love, but then while browsing the library shelves we came accross this one: The Fantastic Mr Wani by Kanako Usui.

This book is just so different. Of course the illustrations are very bold, strong and simple, just what younger children love and definitely you can see some japanese influence there. I love everything about this book, even the paper! This is not the book to teach your child some great principles, it's just a funny book about a crocodile who is trying to be on time and keeps getting in a trouble.
I'm just so super excited about this book - I'm always amazed we find something different in our library. We have a lot of "old" favourites we keep taking out, and it's great to have a new favourite, expecially so refreshingly different!


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