Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hama coasters.

Every year in July and also in December we struggled with ideas for gifts for teachers. Something that is more original than a box of chocolates, ideally made by a child and, of course, useful! And then we came across the idea of making coasters from Hama beads... Wow, that has opened up a lot of new projects! And lovely handmade gifts for all occasions. Everyone needs a coaster and if a teacher doesn't want to take it home, it can be used at work! Win-win!

Of course we started with Pinterest, I made a board, you are welcome to have a look  - http://uk.pinterest.com/tamaratovey/hama/

A lovely fruit set, very easy to make and looks very stylish! (image from Pinterest)
Another round coaster, looks amazing, we have already made this one a few times (image from Pinterest):

Another fun and easy idea for those who love Minions (image from Pinterest):
This one looks fantastic once completed and my 6 year old easily made it easily (image from Pinterest):
Busy at work:

We wrap them so quickly, but I have managed to take a photo of this one as well:
Hope you found this helpful, I can tell you that once you start you can't stop!


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