Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Spring Blaise Castle Adventure

Blaise Castle ground is one of my favourite places both to photograph and just to spend time with my children. I have photographed there numerous times but there are so many places to explore and such a variety of backgrounds that it's never the same.
It was one of those days when it looks a lot warmer than it is due to wind. Se we were trying to keep the girls warm while having fun.
The family wanted to have a change of clothes into tradition Indian outfits - I was very excited about it! We went back to their house so they can change and carried on with the session at their back garden. As much as I love Blaise castle, I loved this part of the session even more.
Since I have taken such a long time to blog the images, I have already had a chance to see the printed images. The prints are so beautiful, I hope I will be able to see the framed images arrangement we have designed on their wall. 


© Tamara Tovey Photography