Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More bluebells!

It's been raining non stop recently, so pretty much every outside session that happened was almost like a miracle! So was this one. We have been on standby, constantly checking weather forecast, hoping for a sunny day. Or at least for a part of a day to be sunny! It was so worth waiting... We even found a dry path to stand on without the wellies. Stunning bluebells, gorgeous mum with a beautiful girl whose eyes matched the colour of bluebells.

One of my favourites - beautiful moment between mother and daughter:

Again, had to really restrain myself from posting the entire gallery! So many of the images that I LOVE. Almost the same place as the shoot from the previous post but very different images. This is some kind of girly heaven - girls in lovely dresses picking pretty flowers. But I promise you I'm editing a session with a boy in it.


© Tamara Tovey Photography