Thursday, 2 August 2012

Book club: week 3

For this week I have decided to feature  "You choose" by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt.

We "read" this book about 2-3 times a week. Which is a lot, considering our own collection and regular trips to the library. Sometimes I see my girls "read" it on their own. It's not really a "reading" book,  not a story as such. You are creating a story about you! It's a great to start conversations and discussions and great for vocabulary building. It's about everything - favourite food, clothes, shoes, hats, jobs, pets, houses, places to go and so much more. We when have just received it with our Book Start treasure chest, my 4 year old insisted on bringing this book to all our activitites so that she can read it with everyone. She was very interested to see what they chose and why.
I love the happy illustrations - bright and colourful - every page has lots of different options. I love how you can either just quickly choose something or pause and discuss in depth, with every page inviting a new conversation. So, you can choose a house, but you can also expand and discuss why do you like this house, who would live there. A great spread about jobs, hobbies, food... So much to learn!
Don't forget - you are very welcome to recommend your favourites, I would love to learn about new books!


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