Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tea party, part 2

Everyone who knows me well knows I'm quite strict with the amount of sugar my children consume. My close friends has even put cereal bars instead of Haribo sweets in my children's party bags. I know, I know... I just try to not put them in the position when they see/have sweets, but of course I would never dare to restrict them at birthday parties where everybody is having a cake...
So, in restospect, looking at these images, I do feel slightly guilty about all the cakes I exposed all the children to. They have never had so much cakes to eat and it all got a little bit crazy at the end. But the kids enjoyed it so much (of course!).
It does tend to get crazy when you have a lot of young children together and it was a bit or a risk. And as much as the tea party didn't turn out as perfect as I would have originally wanted, the dinamics between the children and their reactions were really worth it.

A big thank you for all my amazing models who came and ate cakes! 
And a special big thank you to Anthony from Caked-up , and if you live in or around Bristol, be sure to like his Facebook page as well:


Tinder said...

Looks lovely! well done! :)

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