Thursday, 9 August 2012

Book club: week 4

First of all I need to do something I promised to myself I won't do - apologize for not very regular posts, I promise to catch up soon and I have some very exciting things! I have been a lot better with updating my Facebook page with the recent work, so if you haven't "liked" it yet, here it is:

Now, the book of the week, well, rather a series about Alfie and Annie Rose by Shirley Hughes. The illustrations are fantastic and so recognizable - showing real life of a family with two little children. So the life is not perfect - with the toys everywhere, with the craziness of trying to do shopping with young children, wet feet from puddle jumping, messy and muddy things, even a burst pipe! But it's a happy life, full of kind deeds, with cute little things that are important to children.The bond between siblings in the books especially resonates with me, because watching my own girls always puts a smile of my face. 
One of the books out of series - "Alfie gets in First" by Shirley Hughes.

This book is about something that happens to me almost every time we come home. My little girl shuts the door from inside and thinks it's very funny. I always make sure I have my keys safely in my jeans pocket unlike Alfie's mum who left her keys in the basket with the shopping inside the house and went out to carry the pushchair in.  So the book is about trying to get an upset Alfie to open the door, while his mum is trying to find a way to get inside the house with the help of their neighbours.

So far we have read "Alfie and the big boys", "An evening at Alfie's", "Alfie's feet", "Alfie gives a hand", "Alfie wins a prize", "Alfie and the birthday surprise", "Annie Rose is my little sister". My favourite thing is take the books as we find them in the library. There is something about going through the shelves and then finding a familiar author or book. I love when books are very recognizable, when the illustrations style is so stong and this set is definitely one of those.


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